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About Us

Frances Comfort Mobile Homes LLC BUYS many types of Real Estate. Incorporated December 2021. We specialize in assigning properties, purchasing & removing Mobile Homes. Due to great success, we decided to do the same for most real estate types. We create strategies that best fit your needs while providing exceptional customer service. If you have a Mobile Home for sale on private property or in a Mobile Home Park that needs to be moved, Frances Comfort Mobile Homes LLC has a plan for you.

What makes us different is that we are truly customer-centric. Unlike your typical investor, we are specialists and aren’t limited to a particular real estate niche or geographic location. We also cater to all income types, so if you are looking to buy or sell Land, a fixed home, or a Mobile Home, we can help. Additionally, we buy Mobile Home parks in all conditions and specialize in filling vacancies. We purchase both public and private utilities. Lagoons, packaging plants, and sewer issues are all within our wheelhouse.

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