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How Much Can I Sell My Property For?

What Is My Property Worth?

The first thing that comes to mind is money. How much money can I sell my property for? It's simple, you can pick the highest number in your head, right? Anything is only as valuable as what someone will pay for it. Unfortunately, that's not quite how it works. There is a more detailed process to successfully getting your desired outcome of selling your property.

First, have you evaluated your property? If not, I recommend you and your loved ones thoroughly inspect each nook and cranny of your property. Have paper and pen to write down the condition: how is the flooring? Does the carpet need replacing or just cleaning?  Is the paint a little faded or dirty? When was the last time you painted etc? Complete an inspection of your entire property and have inspection handy when speaking with us.


The answers to these questions are critical. Many homeowners think everything is fine with their home. But a buyer will think otherwise. Remember to be honest and transparent with yourself and others about your property during this process. You will have a better chance of finding a price that will bring interested buyers.


The easiest way for a property owner to find the true property value of their home is to call Frances Comfort Mobile Homes LLC. Often, when trying to understand the home's market value, individuals might use websites such as Zillow, Facebook marketplace, Redfin, etc. This leads to inaccurate value, false expectations, and ultimately wasting time. So don't delay.

Click "Get My Cash Offer" and let us get started today. We'll discuss the condition, repairs, and details of your property needed to give you a cash offer.

How It Works?

Our team works with you to navigate the sale and ownership transfer process for sales. We also connect buyers with movers and prepare the necessary sale paperwork to send to closing companies (title or escrow) for title transfer.  We don't charge a commission from our sellers. Our fees are paid by the buyer after the home is sold.


Our fees are "net listing", which means the seller agrees to receive a set price for the home when it sells, and FRANCES COMFORT MOBILE HOMES LLC's fee is the difference between the seller’s amount and the final sale price. Our minimum fee is a percentage of the final sale price so we make every effort to sell the home for at least the percentage amount over the seller's amount. In the event an offer is received under our minimum selling price (seller’s amount plus our percentage), we will contact the seller for approval to reduce their amount to allow for the minimum fee to FRANCES COMFORT MOBILE HOMES LLC.

There are no hidden charges and no surprises! Any expenses that may be charged are explained in our Purchase with the option to assign Agreement . If additional expenses are needed, they are discussed in advance with the seller.


You can achieve a swift home sale, all while enjoying the peace of mind that your property is being purchased by a seasoned cash buyer who will put money directly in your hands.


Frances Comfort Mobile homes staff treated me with respect & exceeded my time frame for selling my home. It was Sooo easy, 

Kaylei took care of everything, called me regularly with updates and I had my home sold in less than 30 days after meeting with her.  

Del Valle,  TX

Kaylei is very easy to work with and very prompt in answering any and all questions I had about the home. I recommend her to anyone looking for a used Mobile Home. You will be glad you did.

Edmond, OK

Kaylei helped me find a home for myself and my family and she made the whole process so easy and wonderful! She has a fantastic personality and is very sweet. It was a pleasure to meet Kaylei and her beautiful family.

Leesburg, GA

She was very sweet and very helpful and helped us with something very affordable. Thank you so much Kaylei!

Trinity, NC

Benefits Of Selling Your Property To Frances Comfort Mobile Homes LLC




As specialists, we do everything we can to make selling your property easy and pain-free.

We work efficiently to meet your needs for fast sales. We also help find solutions to your problem. You may have found yourself in a tight situation and late on lot rent payments OR the landowner sold land from under your property, and you have a short time to sell.  Suppose you need to catch up on mortgage payments and want to avoid foreclosure. Give us a ring to see what we can do to help you.

Many times, it is challenging to negotiate with the lender. We do our best to talk to the bank so everyone can be satisfied at the end of the day.  Don't take on the challenge of trying to sell your Mobile Home For Sale By Owner. You are one step closer to closing on your property once you complete our contact form.​

Sell Your Property No Matter Where You Live

We have many locations with team members ready to help you sell your property. 

California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Kansas, New Jersey, Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, plus more…

We have many locations with team members ready to help you sell your property. 

California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Kansas, New Jersey, Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, plus more…

North Carolina

South Carolina



Sell Your Property No Matter Where You Live

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